About Me

Birthplace:  St. Louis, MO.  Other places I’ve lived:  Cocoa Beach, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida; Charlottesville, VA; and currently Annapolis, MD.

Married: for 48 years to my best friend, David, who makes me laugh every single day.

Education:  University of South Florida. Three separate degrees earned consecutively as my curiosity expanded:  BA Early Childhood Education; MA School Psychology; Ph.D. Clinical Psychology.

Interests and Obsessions (besides writing):  Musical Theater, Travelling to warm places; Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Grandchildren, Wii golf, and water: lakes, oceans, bays, rivers.

Obligatory practices:  Exercise, yoga, and meditation

On Writing:  For many years I have written down bits of my life. Quandaries, anecdotes, things I wanted to remember. Writing evolved into a therapeutic practice for me over the years. Right in the midst of writing, an opening would appear. An “Aha” moment. Or, more like, “That’s what this is about.”